Plot Twist!


It is the absolute truth of things that life hurls these at us when we aren’t looking, when we’re on top of the world, when everything is in its place.  It is the absolute truth of things that life abhors perfection. It abhors even the illusion of the stuff.

I won’t speak of the absolute war life has waged on my world over the last several months, or the mess it left behind. It does no good to speak of such private matters so publicly, nor does it do any good to dwell on the passing of storms.

Only what good can be said was left in their wake. There is such good here, and so much to do with it, I am left overwhelmed by the possibilities. I cannot remain still. Knowing the mistakes I’ve made, knowing the future I face, I must move forward.

The next time we speak let it be of happier things, and even happier things after that. One day I’ll tell you of the storm, but that is not today. Today I just want to get through my first blog post by 7′ o clock, have another cup of tea and do a bit of reading before bedtime.

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